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Enterprise Search and Discovery

Enterprise Search and Discovery Makes Your Organization More Efficient and Productive

Organizations create millions of pieces of data every day. Customer transactions, employee work product, blogs, emails, presentations, video conferences —the volume of data and its various formats and locations throughout your network turn information search and retrieval processes into a major challenge. But when it comes down to finding the information that your organization has created, you need one reliable solution that searches every part of the system and delivers all relevant information to those authorized to see it, regardless of format.

MicroLink, an HP Autonomy company, builds customized secure enterprise search solutions based on the industry-leading conceptual search capabilities of Autonomy’s IDOL platform. No software is more effective at comprehending the meaning of a document, and MicroLink’s unique implementations make information search and retrieval more efficient and productive for our clients. Other tools are rule-based and can’t understand the significance of terms that suddenly gain new meanings in public discourse, such as “occupy” or “Tea Party.” IDOL’s patented pattern-matching technology forms a conceptual understanding of all content to deliver results that make sense in today’s environment, and MicroLink’s professionals build solutions that deliver Autonomy results that make sense to your users.

MicroLink integrates your existing systems with the IDOL platform to embed search functions in your applications and deliver “actionable data” that users can file, tag, forward or take other actions without switching programs. If a secure enterprise search retrieves data that a user may be restricted from viewing, we can build authorization protocols into the system that allows the user to request the necessary approvals without leaving the search results. We can also build a system that does not return links to content that a user is not authorized to see.