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Records & Document Management

Records Management Consulting: Where Your Data Lives

Document management and records management policies and processes govern the creation, use, retention, and subsequent disposal of business documents. Yet many information governance solutions require organizations to duplicate or move data into standalone systems to implement a policy for classification, retention and disposition of information. At MicroLink, an HP Autonomy company, our goal for your process is to minimize duplication of information while ensuring information is available when needed and disposed of when required.

At MicroLink, we offer records management consulting services that leverage Autonomy’s information governance products to manage information “in-place.” We implement solutions that are designed to increase the usefulness of your information and reduce the burden of properly maintaining it.  You’ll work with a records management or document management consultant who knows how to integrate these industry-leading products with your existing information infrastructure to deliver an effective automated solution that understands your content (in over 150 languages and 1,000 file types, including text, audio and video) and manages it according to your policies.  We begin with our Jumpstart process, which suggests a predefined structure based on best practices MicroLink has developed over hundreds of system implementations.  Then we tailor that framework to meet the individual needs of your company.

Our records management consulting solutions automate the real-time management of all organizational data, structured and unstructured, ensuring that your enterprise content management systems meet the most daunting regulatory and legal requirements.  Contact us to speak with a records management or document management consultant today.