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Portals & Collaboration

Collaboration Architecture that Delivers Portal Security and Usability

People in your organization learn every day. Each individual collects information that can benefit the group. They discover optimal ways to perform critical tasks. And they make mistakes that co-workers can avoid repeating. But this knowledge is wasted unless your organization knows how to find, share and process it.

MicroLink, an HP Autonomy company, develops collaboration architecture and portal solutions that promote information sharing, content collaboration, and informed decision making. When a user sees something that others need to know, they don’t have to copy the information, close their portal, open e-mail, paste the information and send it to a list—our portals deliver “actionable data” that users can highlight, forward and analyze all from the same application. We offer custom portal security and usability features that can limit access based on clearance or authorization levels. Managers and staff can use the same portal, but each user sees only the information that he is approved for

We start with Microsoft SharePoint software and work with your organization to tailor a solution that meets your needs. Our SharePoint Jumpstart process helps us to leverage best practices learned from previous implementations without overlooking the unique aspects of your situation. Our experience helps avoid long requirements phases because you’re not building from a blank page. Our Microsoft-certified SharePoint professionals lay the technology foundation for your system quickly, then work with your team to create a customized front end that meets the requirements that you describe. Once the system is operational, our consultants continue to seek feedback and incorporate changes that keep the portal functioning at maximum effectiveness.