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Geospatial Solutions

Geospatial Solutions Tell You Where in the World Things Are Happening

Whether you’re a business trying to figure out where people are using your products or a government agency that wants to understand where Tweets about Egyptian protests are being posted, your job gets easier when your system delivers geographic information automatically.  MicroLink, an HP Autonomy company, integrates your search capabilities with leading geographic information systems (GIS) such as ESRI and GeoIQ to incorporate geospatial analysis into every request. This feature empowers your enterprise search systems to deliver geographically organized results, adding a powerful new dimension to your data analysis.

Once your system has the capability to interpret geographic information, you need to present the results in a format that makes sense for your people. Our custom portal applications display search results in a variety of formats that help your team pinpoint areas of concern. When location matters, results viewed on a map provide a more effective visual reference than a text-based list of “hits.” At MicroLink, our professionals know how to integrate your search requirements across internal and external databases, structured and unstructured data, regardless of format, and show your team exactly where critical changes or activities are happening.

The majority of our geospatial solutions programmers hold government clearances and multiple technical certifications. We offer customized solutions for clients in the public and private sectors who realize that knowing “who,” “what,” “when” and “why” doesn’t help until you understand “where.”