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eDiscovery Consulting and Solutions That Deliver Defensible Solutions With Minimal Risk

Your organization requires a proactive approach to eDiscovery to face the very real possibility of litigation. When your organization faces a discovery request, you’ll need an eDiscovery solution that integrates with all of your discoverable data and encompasses the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). MicroLink, an Autonomy HP company, offers a combination of eDiscovery consulting services and value-added solution development, addressing every stage of litigation and regulatory investigations, with a modular end-to-end platform. This approach minimizes the risk of legal challenge, technical complexity and excessive costs associated with handing off client data between vendors and disparate technologies.

Our team of eDiscovery professionals  integrates and/or customizes applications that create a forensically sound system to reliably produce targeted and relevant content as part of the end to end eDiscovery process. Our systems are built upon Autonomy’s industry-leading eDiscovery products and the IDOL platform which have been shaped through Autonomy’s active participation in EDRM working groups and as a sponsor of the Sedona Conference. From applying advanced analytics to understanding concepts in client data, our solution automates legal hold notification workflows and culls down massive sets of potentially responsive data for review and production. This approach increase productivity by reducing time spent on non-responsive or irrelevant documents and reduces risk via end to end process validation.

Autonomy eDiscovery products offer a fundamentally different approach by using IDOL’s ability to gather contextual meaning as well as content from over 1000 file types, from email to MS Office documents, PDF and all points in between, including rich media and social media. The company stays at the front of the pack in this emerging technology practice by taking a leadership role in the process of eDiscovery standard-setting, working as a participant with the EDRM working group, and in sponsoring the Sedona Conference. MicroLink’s eDiscovery consulting and solutions development team integrates this state-of-the-art, highly scalable software into your environment to make certain all data is thoroughly searched and that results are delivered in a form that makes sense for your team.