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File Archiving Systems Provide a Critical Foundation for Information Governance

File archiving, inclusive of email, loose files, SharePoint, and other unstructured content sources, is a foundational element in any proactive information governance system. It should be considered holistically as one system among others; yet, too often archiving systems are seen as commodity standalone systems with very little ability to integrate with an end to end information governance solution. When it comes to proactive information governance solutions, the actual archiving systems you select plays a key role in how you find and produce that information later on, or it can create technical and process-related complexity, risk, and additional cost.

MicroLink, an HP Autonomy company, uses Autonomy’s Consolidated Archive, or ACA, to create a record of all information sources including e-mail, enterprise systems, corporate websites, transactions, instant messages, social media, voice and video. ACA was designed from the ground up to integrate within the Autonomy HP end to end information governance solution, based on the common platform of Autonomy’s IDOL Server. ACA-based file archiving goes beyond simple storage of information; it gathers intelligence about the content to allow automation of key governance processes. Legal holds and retention classifications are determined based on the meaning of content, and storage needs remain manageable as archiving systems can automatically and flexibly classify and discard irrelevant or duplicative information. The system’s ability to understand the meaning of the stored content transforms its purpose from merely preserving data to ensuring transparency, accountability and defensibility across the business.

While Autonomy delivers the systems that manage the files, MicroLink integrates those systems with your comprehensive information layer to ensure that all of your data is searched and that the results make sense for your organization. Our information governance specialists work with your existing solutions and processes, incorporating validation protocols that produce evidence that all content has been completely processed. We have made our reputation by making sure these systems deliver the best file archiving solution for your organization and as part of integrated information governance.