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Custom Portals and Applications in .NET for a 100% Solution

For most organizations, a basic implementation of collaboration software like Microsoft SharePoint solves about three quarters of the problems they had hoped to eliminate. Sometimes, that initial boost is such an improvement that the client might not even notice that things can improve even more. At MicroLink, an HP Autonomy company, we don’t stop until we’ve delivered a system that meets 100% of the needs that our clients identify. To do this, we build custom applications in and around SharePoint to enhance and customize the capabilities of this industry-leading portal tool.

The MicroLink team has demonstrated sufficient expertise with Microsoft products to earn us Microsoft Certified Gold partner status, but many client demands require creative integration of additional software or custom development of new applications. Our programmers and systems engineers enjoy the challenges presented by custom development within SharePoint or on the broader .NET stack. We code in languages like C# and we use ASP.NET to enhance the dynamic web portals that SharePoint creates.

With our diverse skillset, we thrive on complex challenges — challenges that stump other consultants who focus solely on getting a basic solution out of a box and running on your system. MicroLink can customize or build what you need to succeed with collaboration.