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IT Solutions and Consulting Services That Maximize the Value of Your Information

We’ve all been there. That painful moment when someone asks a question and you know the answer is somewhere in your head but you just can’t remember it right now. Most organizations face this challenge repeatedly every day. As server capacity and cloud configurations make it easier to capture data, the odds increase that the answers to these questions are stored somewhere in an organization’s data system. However, the sheer volume of the data — stored in a wide range of formats — makes it increasingly difficult for users to find the answers when they need them.

At MicroLink, we understand that when organizations excel at managing the production, flow and retrieval of information, they gain a significant advantage over less efficient organizations. We use a systems consulting approach to integrate industry-leading solutions like Autonomy, Microsoft Sharepoint and Cognos with your existing information management processes to deliver intelligent, intuitive knowledge environments that make your people more effective. And when the new technologies don’t integrate well out of the box, we build accelerators that bridge the gaps and seamlessly mesh the new environment with your legacy system. MicroLink blends IT consulting services with technology to create solutions that deliver timely, relevant, and actionable information to key personnel wherever and whenever they need it.

Understanding and Improving Your System

MicroLink professionals take the time to learn about the challenges in your current system and listen to your vision for the system you want. Then we design and implement a solution that will make technology work for you. Our consultants bring a track record of success in some of the most complex enterprise environments in the public and private sector, and we combine that systems consulting experience with knowledge of the newest and most innovative technologies to deliver a cost-effective information management program that makes sense for your organization.

To learn more about how IT consulting services that MicroLink provides in specific disciplines can help, please view the following pages: