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Carahsoft and MicroLink Webinar 2/20

Vienna, VA, February 14, 2013 – MicroLink will be hosting a webinar on February 20th with Carahsoft. You can read more about the event and sign up here.

Are users in your organization able to find all of the data that they need to make daily decisions? Or, is this data locked up in silos across your organization? And if they locate what they need … does it make sense? Enterprise search is about so much more than just getting raw data, it has evolved into a mission-critical art that many organization rely on in order to make daily assessments on the job. Data needs to be delivered to these information-workers in the most intuitive manner possible so that they are able to do their jobs quickly and more efficiently.

Join us as we discuss the common issues that the federal government is facing when it comes to enterprise search and the key things you need to consider when evaluating your infrastructure. Search is not just a set it and forget it appliance – it is ever evolving. Learn how to keep up in the webinar, Empowering your users with the ability to discover information – not just “data.”