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HARMONIEWeb Recognized in GDCS Newsletter

November 30, 2012 – The 96th issue of the Global Content Delivery Service newsletter was prepared by DISA and published last month. In this issue, MicroLink’s HARMONIEWeb was given accolade for the implementation at the Afghanistan Rule of Law COI. It was specificially noted that this custom HARMONIEWeb application enables the COI to move large amount of data between CONUS and Afghanistan in a secure manner. Before HARMONIEWeb, this was an near impossible task.

You can read the excerpt from the GDCS newsletter below.

 “GCDS Customer Experience in Their Own Words: HARMONIEWeb

Unclassified Information Sharing Service (UISS) – Moving Mountains with GCDS

Mountains of data, that is! The Operations Support Office of DISA’s Multi National Infor-mation Sharing (MNIS) Program Management Office supports world wide information sharing on the Unclassified Information Sharing Service (UISS). The UISS, the DoD Enter-prise Shared Service on the Internet, is enabled by DISA Global Content Delivery Service (GCDS). Currently both the All Partners Access Network (APAN) and HARMONIEWeb sup-port the DISA UISS mission. APAN supports users and communities of interest (COIs) around the world who primarily engage in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations. HARMONIEWeb supports users and COIs who engage in Stability Operations in support of the information sharing needs of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), the US Department of State, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghani-stan (GIROA), and all of the COIs that are working in support of the Afghanistan mission.

One COI, known as Afghanistan Rule of Law (RoL), relies on the GCDS capabilities behind the HARMONIEWeb SharePoint Portal in-formation sharing capability. Sponsored by the Combined Joint Inter-Agency Task Force (CJIATF) 435, this COI site is especially modified to move large amounts of data between CONUS and Afghanistan. One modification permits the document libraries in the RoL SharePoint Portal to upload and download very large documents (> 200MB), without overburdening and slowing down the whole system. This enables staffing of documents across distances using the SharePoint Portal’s document controls and Akamai’s data transport. Considering the content in play for the RoL COI is about 500 gigabytes and growing, the GCDS capability is very im-portant to this mission. GCDS is a globally distributed computing platform comprised of servers deployed across the Defense In-formation Systems Network (DISN). Akamai is the vendor that provides the following services: routes traffic across the DISN, even as network conditions change, to provide services to end users at the edge of the DISN; provides network optimization features such as Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) optimization, object pre-fetching, single sign-on (SSO), persistent connections; and con-tent delivery services such as caching, compression and failover.”

Read more about HARMONIEWeb on the MicroLink website: