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About Us


The United States Department of Defense (DoD) faces great information management and governance challenges brought on by large volumes of structured and unstructured data generated by military operations abroad and by policies directing greater transparency. This challenge is compounded by the reduction of budgets. Despite these pressures, it is critical for DoD agencies to be able to quickly and effectively assess information to support the nation’s warfighters.

At MicroLink, we recognize the mission-critical nature of information management and governance.  Our history is based on implementing information technology solutions that enable enterprise search, document and records management and collaboration.  These solutions leverage existing IT infrastructure, such as secure portals and collaboration tools.  Our deep expertise with industry-leading technology from Autonomy and Microsoft lets us layer critical capabilities like secure enterprise search, business intelligence and business process automation on this existing technical environment, to improve the speed and quality of collaboration and analysis.

Our information technology professionals share DoD’s sense of urgency and responsibility when it comes to serving and protecting the American people while also being responsible stewards of their tax dollars. Our solutions are used today around the globe to support cross-agency collaboration, whether it’s intelligence being shared in the war on terror or logistical details being shared in support of a response to a natural disaster.