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About Us

A History of Superior Information Technology Solutions

MicroLink, an HP Autonomy company, has a proven history of providing high-quality, customer-driven information technology solutions that improve productivity, collaboration and teamwork throughout our clients’ enterprises. We start with meaning-based search software from Autonomy, an HP company, and build systems that integrate that software with your data, regardless of format. Our information technology professionals deliver solutions that help Autonomy’s products understand how to find answers in your data and deliver results that make sense to your staff.

MicroLink has over a decade’s experience in developing and delivering solutions that address critical areas such as:

We focus on integrating industry-leading technologies, including Microsoft SharePoint, Autonomy, and IBM Cognos, with our clients’ existing systems to deliver compelling solutions to their most critical technical problems.

When systems do not mesh well out of the box, we build the missing links. Our innovative information technology professionals can integrate disparate solutions. When necessary we develop accelerators that improve the performance and capability of off-the-shelf software solutions, maximizing the return on technology investments.

MicroLink’s outstanding information technology solutions, top-notch consultants and engineers have earned the respect of customers, partners and employees alike. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization.

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